Financial Report 2014

Revenues in 2014 consisted of sponsoring from private individuals and companies (approx. EUR 3,000) and a Myanmar project subsidy from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The latter will be utilised in both 2014 and 2015. Expenditures concerned the Myanmar project along with the website, the presentation event, the expansion of our network and the generation of new project ideas.

The equity base on 31 December 2014 was approx. EUR 700 in the negative. A substantial (non-recurring) investment was made in the website over the course of 2014. We anticipate more revenues in 2015, in part because a margin on the Myanmar project RAM (2014–2015; 7.5% of the project costs) has not yet been realised among the revenues for 2014. For that reason, the Board of Directors consider the small negative equity base on 31 December 2014 to be acceptable.


Profit and loss 2014
Donations from private individuals (general) 2549.47
Donations from funds / companies (general) 500
Donations from private individuals (specific) 0
Donations from funds / companies(specific) (Myanmar project RAM) 65,000
Other 0
Board 260
PR and marketing 1151.32
Financial costs 84.51
Website 5186,42
Foundation costs 7.5
Expansion of network/research 1484.34
Freelance support of organisation 0
Other costs 0.29
Vietnam Red Over the Rainbow 1195
Cambodia Karma? 1221.63
Cambodia RoCK 269.96
Myanmar &PROUD photo competition 700
Philippines A Butterfly Taboo 636.98
Myanmar project RAM 31,332.6



Balance on 31 December 2014
Assets (debit)
Fixed assets (land, buildings)  0
Current assets (supplies, accounts receivable)  0
Liquid assets on 31 December 2014(balance in Triodos bank)  55,657.98
Liabilities (credit)
Equity base (longer than a year)   – 696.37
Long-term liabilities (longer than a year)  0
Short-term liabilities (shorter than a year)(funds received in advance for the Myanmar project RAM)  56,354.35

Amsterdam, March 2015

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