Remarks board DOHN Financial report 2023

Project Lotus Sports Club

During 2023, the last post production costs were made for Lotus Sports Club.

Also during 2023, we received revenues from Lotus Sports Club, like screening fees from Film Festivals, licenses to libraries (like Film Institutes and School platforms) and sales to one TV broadcaster (NPO/NCRV-KRO) in the Netherlands.

This puts us in the position to start with returns to the investors of Lotus Sports Club.

The board of DOHN has approved with the budget for Lotus Sports Club. In case of further future revenues, we established a scheme (Recoupment schedule) for persons/parties to be paid out. First of all, the persons who did an Equity investment will be paid out, including Robert Witlox (EUR 2,800 invested in 2019 and 2020) and Tommaso Colognese (EUR 15,211 invested in 2019, 2021 and 2022), followed by Deferrals (person who invested time for free), followed by Net profit shares for identified persons and organizations. This will be done after these individuals and organizations have signed an agreement by which all rights will be transferred to DOHN.

During 2023 we also executed a few crowdfunding campaigns in order to sponsor the two protagonists with their wish to follow a language course and to support the team’s trip to the Gay Games in Hong Kong. Both are realized and now we are still saving for a budget with which the coach PaVann can finish the sporting field.


The short-time liabilities on 31/12/2023 (Eur 1,940) concerns the reservation to finish the Lotus sporting field.

Amsterdam March 2024, Board of Document Our History Now.

Financial report 2023 2023 2022
Donations from private individuals (general)                  463,86                 654,00
Donations from funds/compagnies (general)               2.000,00             1.500,00
Donations from private individuals (specific)                          –                           –
Donations from funds/compagnies (specific)               5.715,98           13.300,00
Donation for Lotus Sports Club Investment                          –             2.280,00
Lotus Sports Club film festivals               6.634,57             1.048,00
Lotus Sports Club sales (broadcast/license) crowd funding             10.014,90
Total Revenues         24.829,31    18.782,00
Organisation costs
Board                  228,59                           –
PR and marketing (incl. Crowfunding Cinecrowd)                  353,93             1.378,00
Financial costs                  160,23                 166,00
Website/ Vimeo/Internet/WeTransfer               1.418,07                 533,00
Foundation costs                    76,97                    10,00
Expansion of network/research               1.051,54                 302,00
Freelance support of organisation                          –                           –
Presentation Amsterdam                          –                           –
Other costs                          –                           –
Total Organisation costs           3.289,33      2.389,00
Projects costs
Cambodia Lotus Sports Club               6.648,21             7.198,00
Return payments investors Lots Sports Club               8.500,00                           –
Represenation Award ceremony Cannes France                  893,36                           –
Film/Documentary Events
Film/doc event Bangkok Febuary 2023               3.588,50             2.987,00
Phnom Penh film/doc event                          –             5.475,00
Hanoi film/doc event                          –             6.963,00
Film/doc event Bangkok Febuary 2024                  284,50                           –
Total Project + Events costs         19.914,57    22.623,00
Total Expenditures         23.203,90    25.012,00
SALDO 2023           1.625,41     -6.230,00
Balance on 31 December 2023
Assets (Debit)
Fixed assets (land, buildings)                          –                           –
Current assets (supplies, accounts receivable)                  284,50             1.890,00
Liquid assets on 31 December (balance in Triodos bank)               5.984,73             4.359,00
Total           6.269,23      6.249,00
Liabilities (Credit)
Equity base (longer then a year)               4.918,76             5.201,00
Long-term liabilities (Creditors, longer then a year)                          –                           –
Short-term liabilities (Creditors, less 1 year) Lotus Sports               1.940,47             1.048,00
Total           6.859,23      6.249,00