2017 Annual Report

This annual report tells you about the most important achievements of Document Our History Now in 2017. Supplementary to this Annual Report, our 2017 Financial Report is available to the public on our website.

The stories

The stories we financed, produced and posted on our website over the course of 2017 are:

The photography series Over the Black Rainbow by Yoppy Pieter. This series about the Waria’s (transwomen) of Yogyakarta is produced into a short video film with supporting singing (praying) vocals (Islamic verses). The series itself is exhibited in Jakarta, see below under Events.


The pilot project Digital Library LGBTI people living with HIV (PLHIV) resulted in the production of 64 short testimonies, told by 8 PLHIV from Myanmar and Indonesia, covering 7 themes for each person. A new section Testimonials is added on our website. The 64 testimonies can be seen there. Have a look:



 Indonesia: exposition at the Erasmus Huis in Jakarta, Indonesia.

In close cooperation with Erasmus Huis, Arus Pelangi (LGBTI organisation) and World Pride Photo Award, we organised an exposition in the Erasmus Huis (the Dutch cultural centre as part of the embassy complex in Jakarta, Indonesia). This exposition contained two sub-expositions. A selection (several series of photos) from the World Pride Photo Award 2016 collection. In addition to that, the Indonesian perspective was provided by the photo series Black over the Rainbow by Yoppy Pieter (see link above). His photos were printed on transparent plastic panels and placed in stand-alone columns, 4 photos per column. The photos were lit up from behind. This part of the exposition was in a pitch dark surrounding, enlarging the visual effect. The transgender women from Yogyakarta (the subject of the series) were symbolically taken out of the dark and put into the spotlight, intensified by the set-up of the exposition. They were proudly present at the opening and gave an extensive Q&A.

 Screening afternoon in the OBA in cooperation with IHLIA

For the third time we organised – in close cooperation with IHLIA (International Gay/Lesbian Information Centre and Archive) – a presentation afternoon for 90 people in the Public Library Amsterdam. We showed some shorts, the first cut of Iron Legs from Cambodia (see below) and a trailer of an upcoming production Open the last closed door from Vietnam. Filmmaker Vanna Hem (filmmaker of Iron Legs) was our guest of honor, resulting in an interesting Q&A with the moderator and the audience. Dennis Boutkan (Upstream Consulting) was again our highly appreciated moderator.

 Cambodia: documentary Iron Legs with a second producer

During 2017 contacts were build up with a second producer. With them we aim to improve the quality of Iron Legs, by doing additional filming and interviewing, revising the script and add professional editors to the project. The new final cut we expect in the summer of 2018, after which we will start promotion (like submitting film festivals) and distribution.

Communication: website, Facebook and newsletter

Over the course of 2017 we posted the new productions on our website, adding a few webpages about the makers and a sub chapter for the Testimonials. We also posted news updates on a regular basis.

We added about 15 Facebook posts over the course of 2017. We have 230 followers.

The mailing list of our Newsletter has 660 mail addresses by the end of 2017. This group of interested people received 4 newsletters. We sent out a newsletter every time a new production is posted on our website or when we want to invite for one of our events. Private individuals can easily subscribe to or unsubscribe for the newsletter.

Friends and sponsors of Document Our History Now

Over the course of 2017, our sponsors included the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Aids-Fonds, the Asia-Pacific Network of People Living with HIV, Fonds De Trut, Foundation Pann, Smashing Pink, NZ Sauna, Zielhuis Uitvaart, Karin de Bruin Sportpsycholoog, as well as our private sponsors and volunteers.

Our people

The Board of Directors in 2017 consisted of Riemer Knoop (chair) who succeeded Hans Veenhuys, Hugo Bongers (treasurer) and Ben Hekkema (secretary).

In 2017, our coordinator Robert Witlox, put a substantial amount of time into supporting the organisation, its productions, the communication, the presentation event, but also into finding sponsors and expanding our network in Southeast Asia. For a small percentage of those hours he received compensation as a freelancer. In addition to that, he carried out the Digital Library and Photography exhibition projects, for which DOHN received project grants.

Finding new projects

In 2017, contacts were established with a variety of organisations, professionals and documentary makers in various countries. We did bring together documentary makers, photographers, ideas and funds, playing the role of project developer and producer.


Our revenue in 2017 consisted of sponsoring from private sponsors and companies (approx. EUR 4.300). Contributions from foundations and associations (the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Aids-Fonds and the Asia Pacific Network for People Living with HIV) for our projects in 2017, we received in 2016 (see our 2016 Financial Report on our website).

In compliance with our obligations in connection with our “ANBI” tax status, this 2017 Annual Report and our 2017 Financial Report will both be posted on our website.


Amsterdam, April 2018, The Board of Directors of Document Our History Now.