Update Lotus Sports Club

The Kickstarter crowdfunding for Lotus Sports Club was successful. To all who contributed: many thanks again !!

We have now a budget to start the post production phase and to produce a ‘rough cut’ of the documentary. We are still looking for extra funds to make it to a ‘final cut’. If you have any tips or contacts for us in this regards, please let us know.

For more information and the inspiring trailer of Lotus Sports Club, click below.

Earlier in October, director Vanna Hem and Robert Witlox did film the main protagonists Srey Leak and Amas in Phnom Penh. They both now live in Cambodia’s capital, starting their adult lives. They found new jobs, fell in love and proudly show their new girlfriends on social media.

Vanna Hem interviewing and filming Srey Leak and Amas on a boat tour at the Mekong river.