Almost 70 people came to the presentation meeting September 28th

Almost 70 people came to meet us during the presentation LGBT sotrytelling from Southeast Asia on September 28 in the Public Library in Amsterdam. There were interviews with key players; photos, film trailers and a documentary was shown; new projects and ideas were presented.

It was very pleasant to meet so many people on this Sunday afternoon. During the presentation the audience showed great interest and involvement by giving useful comments and tips. During the reception we heard that the guests got well informed and they were very positive about the productions we showed. A few of the comments we received: ‘this is a professional organisation by now’ , ‘it is clear how Document Our History Now works: in close contact with local communities in order to support their stories and position’ , ‘the first 5 productions are of high quality’ , ‘I will become a sponsor now’ , ‘this foundation is ‘carried’ by the LGBT community in The Netherlands’.



Robert Witlox, Initiator and Coordinator.
Dennis Boutkan, Moderator.
Vanna Hem, Documentary maker from Cambodia.





A short impression film by Arda Neederveen will be uploaded here soon.