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Indonesia and Myanmar, 2017

In this chapter you can see 64 testimonials of 8 LGBT people living with HIV from Indonesia and Myanmar.

Based on a longer recorded interview, from each person 8 short testimonials are edited. These testimonials cover the themes: Personal introduction, Stigma and discrimination, Social support, Personal health, Health services, How to live with HIV ?, The future and a Summary.

With these testimonials we aim to give information and support to other LGBT people living with HIV. The testimonials can be embedded into other websites and used for social media campaigns.

This testimonial project is a collaboration between: Asian Pacific Network of People living with HIV (APN+, Bangkok), Myanmar Positive Group (Yangon, Myanmar), GWL-INA (Jakarta, Indonesia), Peer Researcher Martin Choo (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) and Document Our History Now.

In the nearby future we aim to upload more testimonials from all over Southeast Asia. By then we will categorise the testimonials by country and/or by theme.

Many thanks to Vincent, Virza, Vriska, Wanda from Indonesia and Mya Aung, Kay Kay, Ma Khine, Myo Min Htun from Myanmar. We are very grateful they were willing to share their experiences. By doing so, they provide support and hope to other LGBT people living with HIV.