LGBTI Documentary Night Bangkok 2019

Thailand, 2019

The LGBTIQ+ documentary night at the Dutch embassy in Bangkok was a great succes with over 200 guests. Document Our History Now organised and moderated this event, in close cooperation with OutBKK and the Dutch embassy in their lush gardens on 7 February 2019.


We programmed 4 documentaries and interesting introductions by the Dutch ambassador Kees Rade, Human Rights Commissioner Anghkana Neelapaijit, Film producer June Watsamon and LGBTIQ+ activist Noom Sulaiporn Chonwilai.

Short documentary, 17 min.


Open tells the story of Ko Latt, a young Myanmar artist who had the chance to study abroad with a scholarship. While living in Zurich, Switzerland, he fell in love. Surprisingly – and for the first time – this was with another man. Production by Document Our History Now.

Toms:The Complex World of Female Love in Thailand
Short documentary, 16 min.

This documentary explores a sexual identity that is unique to Thailand. Two Toms are followed as they prepare to appear in the Mr. Tom Act talent show, an event that draws participants from all over the country. Production by CoconutsTV.

Lotus Sports Club, Cambodia


Lotus Sports Club is about a lesbian/tom/transmen football team and their coach in Cambodia and will premiere in 2019/2020. We showed a first impression. Production by Document Our History Now.

“I will speak, I will speak!”
4 different countries around the world
Documentary, 53 min.



Five main figures from Europe, Southeast Asia (Cambodia), the USA, Africa, and Russia open their homes and hearts wide to you. The differences they experience in their lives with HIV are huge. A universal story … about fear, stigma and loss … about friendship, love and live … about losing yourself and finding your way back. Production by Atlas2018.