Yoppy Pieter

Indonesia (1984)

Photographer Yoppy Pieter, 1984, Indonesia

Based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Yoppy Pieter is a photographer who documents social issues and travel. His interests led him to work as an advertising coordinator at a travel magazine in 2004. Three years later he began to pursue photography due to the fact that it can act as a medium to channel his passion for visualization.

With this background, he has decided to take some photography training in PannaFoto Institute, Permata Photojournalist Grant, the Angkor Photo Workshop, and Fellowship at Noor Image Amsterdam. Since 2010, he has been working as freelance photographer and also a travel writer.

Why you wanted to tell this story: “I’d like to reach public awareness about minority that they have the same right about freedom. I am very honored to collaborate with DOHN and how they connect our story to the world.”


Website : www.yoppycture.com

Instagram : @yoppy.pieter