Wai Yum Aung

Myanmar (1994)

Wai Yum Aung, born in Myanmar 23 – 3 – 1994.

Wai Yum Aung studied English Major & Marketing and works at Estate Myanmar Real Estate Agency.

He did follow the Rainbow Reels workhops together wiht other LGBT-youth in 2014. There he learned documentary making skills. In 2015 he produced She Is a Male himself with the support of Document Our History Now.

Why you wanted to tell this story?

‘The main issue we would like to highlight is that LGBTs in Myanmar are being discriminated in both in terms of human rights and career opportunity. Next, we want the others to understand more about being LGBTs’

Can you say something about the collaboration with Document Our History Now?

‘It was a really pleasure and proud of working with you. I do expect to work with you in future too. I would like to offer special thanks to DOHN for supporting and sharing ideas during editing. I do encourage and hope DONH to support the other LGBT filmmakers who are new and immature in industry. I wish DONH to success more for supporting LGBT documentary’.

Facebookpage Wai Yum Aung: https://www.facebook.com/cartoon.chartake