Iron Legs

Cambodia, 2017

We know LGBT activist Srorn Srun in Phnom Penh, Cambodia as an enthusiastic man who is full of ideas. He would really like to portray for Cambodia – and for Southeast Asia as a whole – a women’s soccer team, half of them lesbians and female-to-male transgenders. The team is competing in the regular Cambodian women’s competition. This is quite unique in Southeast Asia and is a positive story to tell. Documentary is very suitable medium for this story.

Vanna Hem is a documentary maker who produced two documentaries with our support. He comes from the same home town as where the soccer team is located. After building up a good relationship and gaining trust, he was allowed to film the team for a period of a year. He did film the girls/boys training and being on the road for their next game, combined with interviews with the players, opponents and spectators. But also the coach, who did survived the Khmer Rouge period as a lesbian, tells his intense life story. This documentary will promote sports among LGBTs and LGBT sports teams.

During  the filming period the title Iron Legs came up. The documentaries ‘first cut’ was shown in Amsterdam in 2017 to experts on documentary making. After that we decided to close this project and based on the contacts and experiences we started a new project, the documentary Lotus Sports Club, with new footage, a new story line and more emphasis on the coach and a few of the team members stories.