Lotus Sports Club

Cambodia, 2019

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Status Lotus Sports Club: in production

A documentary about gender diversity and lesbian lives in rural Cambodia. A football team  with straight girls, lesbians, Tom’s and transgenders is competing in the regular women’s competitions. Their remarkable coach Sovan is giving a safe haven to a lot of the team members and the sports club offers them social support.

Over the course of three years filmmaker Vana Hem followed the team and the coach. He did build up trust, supported them, could join lot of fun trips and interviewed them. This  documentary about strong characters gives us an insight in their life-stories, gender development and the crucial role the coach and the sportteam play in their lives. Filmed in photogenic rural Cambodia and the capital Phnom Penh.

The main characters of Lotus Sports Club:
Amas, Srey Leak and Sovan (coach)

Lotus sports Club is made by filmmaker Vana Hem, producers Robert Witlox and Tomasso Colognese, in close collaboration with the Cambodian LGBT organization ROCK.

Support us to finish this great documentary

The filming phase is almost over (March 2019) and we are applying for post-production funds to finish and promote Lotus Sports Club. By crowd funding we want to acquire EUR 15.000 of the needed total budget and your support is very welcome. For a sponsoring click here. Many thanks. For more information or tips to us, please mail us info@documentourhistorynow.org

One of our previous projects (Iron Legs), let to the idea of Lotus Sports Club. The original idea by Srorn Srun, Vana Hem and Robert Witlox.